Beginning an (another) Untried Year

· Sage Sayings,Poetry,Suffering

For our family, 2021 dawns with more than the usual uncertainty, given last week's cancer diagnosis. Every year is this way - we just don't always know it so freshly. We are reeling a bit. And hoping. And reminding ourselves of what we know to be true.


I've posted this poem before. And I'll likely post it again. Elizabeth Prentiss lived in uncertain times, too.

With mingling hope and trust and fear

I bid thee welcome, untried year;

The paths before me pause to view;

Which shall I run and which pursue?

I read my fate with serious eye;

I see dear hopes and treasures fly,

Behold thee on thy opening wing

Now grief, now joy, now sorrow bring.

God grant me grace my course to run

With one blest prayer — His will be done.

~ Elizabeth Prentiss

(More Love to Thee - p. 76)