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During Holy Week, we do well to think of why it all happened.

Why did Jesus come and die and live?

He told us why - it's not a secret:

"The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost. (Luke 19:10 - ESV)"

The Son of Man came


and to SAVE

the LOST.

He told us about it in parable: the coin, the lamb, the son - all precious to someone. All lost. All sought.

The coin: was inadvertently lost by the clumsiness of the owner. Passively it was found. That coin did nothing. The woman diligently searched for it. And she had JOY!

The lamb: was lost by stupidly wandering away. Because that's what sheep do - they wander. Yet it was in danger. And it was found by a persistent shepherd. He had JOY and the sheep had safety!

The son: was purposely lost by demanding what he wanted and willfully having his way with it. He lost himself. He was lost to be found. He was found when he woke up in the garbage and filth of his spent life. He saw his trashy swine-bed and smelled his reeking skin and remembered his father's home. He yearned for home. And home he went. He found himself, and his father, and his JOY.

Oh Jesus —

Seek the lost coin.

Seek the lost lamb.

Seek the lost son.


Only what is lost can be found! All is lost. And only YOU can find. You are the Seeker and the Saver. The Savior.

Jesus, you gave us these stories of lost and found, of seeking and finding, of despair and hope.

You are the Seeker and the Saver: the Savior.

You are the Great Finder: the Redeemer.

You are the JOY: on Easter morn and for Eternity.

We implore you to do what you came to do.


Let it be so, mighty Finder.