Christmas & Cancer

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This year’s Christmas week was unlike any other for us. Not the usual 2020 unusual. It’s hard to believe that it’s been barely a week since Jonathan’s biopsy. If you haven’t been on my FB, see the last few posts (shares).

We have been numb and confused and in shock. And in peace and in awe and in hope. We have taken in information and been held in (masked) hugs. We have received care and support by text and calls. And envelopes and pasta at our door. And Santa Bears on our front porch. We visited the Manger Barn at the Cathedral in the middle of a sacred night. We have sat in this dark place and known Light. Our home was full of our children and other loves and dogs. There has been laughter and games. And silence and tears. And food.

This week has been a snow-sparkled, candle-lit pause. I didn’t remember the Christ Child as often as I usually do at Christmas but the Prince of Peace never forgets us. We are held.

We expect concrete medical news and a medical plan this week - hopefully today or tomorrow.

I know I hardly need to ask - but if you are someone who prays - please pray. If you’re someone who doesn’t pray - it’s easy - God is listening. He doesn’t want carefully worded, analyzed, formal prayers. Oh no - He wants to hear US - He listens to every sigh and whisper and scream. He gave us prayer for us - not for Him. Prayer is good for our souls. ❤️

In Him we live and move and have our being. In Him. All is well.

If you'd like to follow Jonathan and Salem's CaringBridge:

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