"As for me..." prayers

· Prayer

Sometimes, I'm at a loss for what to pray. Prayers come easily for those I love but stall in praying for myself. Several years ago, I stumbled upon (with the Holy Spirit's help!) some "as for me" passages. They have become simple prayers that sum up my heart's yearnings in clear, pragmantic words - prayed thousands of years before me. They might be helpful to you!

"As for me,

I will look to the LORD;

I will wait for the God of my salvation;

my God will hear me."

~ Micah 7:7

As for me,

I would seek God,

and to God would I commit my cause,

who does great things and

unsearchable, marvelous things

without number." 

~ Job 5:8-9

"As for me,

far be it from me that I should

sin against the LORD

by ceasing to pray for you."

~ 1 Samuel 12:23a

"As for me,

I shall behold your face in righteousness;

when I awake,

I shall be satisfied with your likeness."

~ Psalm 17:15

"As for me,

"I shall walk in my integrity;

redeem me, and be gracious to me."

~ Psalm 26:11

"As for me,

"I said, 'O LORD, be gracious to me;

heal me, for I have sinned against you!'"

~ Psalm 41:4

And my favorite "as for me" prayer, which I pray almost every day:

"As for me,

my prayer is to you, O LORD,

at an acceptable time, O God,

in the abundance of your steadfast love

answer me in your saving faithfulness."

~ Psalm 69:13

It gentles my soul to know there will be an acceptable time.

As for me.

That is enough for me.