Sage Sayings #11: St. Columba

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Last summer, I was privileged to visit the remote, mysterious island of Iona, Scotland, which is known for its Abbey. What a place! It is a memorable and moving site and is still a functioning religious community. Iona Abbey was established in the 6th century by Columba (of Ireland) and was the launching place for Christianity's spread through Scotland and northern England.

This prayer, attributed to St. Columba, is a call to us to trust that the God who led and preserved him in that rugged wilderness, is our guide today.

Be Thou a bright flame before me,

Be Thou a guiding star above me,

Be Thou a smooth path before me,

Be Thou a kindly shepherd behind me,

Today…tonight…and forever.

Alone with none but You my God,

I journey on my way.

What need I fear

When You are near,

O Lord of night and day.

More secure am I within Your hand

than if a multitude did 'round me stand.

~ Amen

St. Columba - Founder of Iona Abbey (Scotland) - 6th century

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NOTE: for more info about the Sage Sayings series, see the blog post from February 6, 2017.

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