❤️ PRAYER CARDS FOR 2020! ❤️

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Prayer cards are a yearly tradition for me - to remind myself to pray and to remind the people I pray for that - yes: I plan to pray for them. 

Since November, I've had this nagging thought about 2020 prayer reminders and gift cards. In November, I thought: I haven't blogged forEVER, but I should dive back in and get the prayer reminders posted early this year! In December, I thought: It IS a good year-end ritual. In January, I thought: 2020 is here - alright, already, Kathi! Now it's February 1st. And here I am, thinking: Prayer cards would be nice to slip into Valentine's cards. Right?!  

We have had major changes - REALLY major - in our life since last year's prayer cards. I hope to update this blog about it soonish. But for now: here are prayer reminders and prayer cards. Same as last year. 

If these little tools would be helpful for you - they're on my Resources page! It's a perfect chore for a cold, winter weekend.♥ Print out the little cards - one for each person. There are two cards per page. I prefer to use cardstock but plain paper is fine. You might have to fiddle with your printer to make the two sides turn out in the right direction. Patience!

We don't know what 2020 holds for us. But we know who holds us. Now is the time to resolve to pray. Constantly. Through whatever is ahead!

                                                                         Rejoice in hope,

be patient in tribulation,

be constant in prayer.

~ Romans 12:12 (ESV)