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Last minute gift cards from me to you!

I know you’re busy. It IS the eve of Christmas Eve, after all! I just have this to say: consider PRAYER as a gift for your dear ones. A year of prayer. It’s easy to commit to pray - but sometimes it’s hard to remember. So here are some helps for you.

There are three downloadable printables for you on my Resources page:

  1. A prayer reminder for yourself.
  2. There are several different designs - I hope one of them is just right for you. Print out as many copies as you’d like. I post one on my kitchen window and one on the bathroom mirror and one on my desk. Gentle reminders all through the year of the commitment I've made. 
  3. A prayer gift card to give to your dear ones. Sign it and send it as a New Year’s card. Maybe jot a reminder on your calendar to send another one mid-year. Reminders to your dear one of your gift that keeps giving!
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