A Motivated Mommy Shares Her Simple Plan

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This post is by a guest blogger and a new Prayer PathWay user - my niece: Andrea Lindy Westlund. She is a busy young woman with two children and two full time jobs (one of which is outside the home - the other is 24/7!).

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As I'm growing older I've learned how important it is to utilize the positive resources around me, whatever shape they may come in. For this reason, Prayer PathWay: Journeying in a Life of Prayer, has become a very powerful tool for me! I am not new in prayer, but I am certainly a novice in intentional prayer. The concepts and suggestions found in, Prayer PathWay, are both modestly challenging and applicable. The key is the latter, applying your newfound knowledge. Don't become complacent with where you're at just because the next step is challenging, time consuming, requires effort, or all three!

I will admit it took me a couple weeks to decide just how to implement what I've learned, but, alas, I stumbled upon something that works for me! I customized a planner (through plumpaper.com) to serve as an organizational tool AND a prayer journal. I edited the sections to read: Tim SR, Junior, Georgia, Devotions, and Activities. This way each day of the week, I can fill in prayer points and scripture I want to focus on for each person on the specified day. To start I used Kathi's monthly prayer themes for Tim's section and then utilized other resources on the internet for the kids (only because I wanted their daily focal points to differ from each other's). To avoid becoming too rigid it is also a good idea to include prayer requests from them and personalized topics based on the season or reason.

This is just where I've started. Of course you don't have to title your sections based on the people you're praying for. Maybe consider giving each letter from the PRAYERS acronym it's own section? There is so much that can be done! What a time we live in, to have so much access and so many resources right at our finger tips! Do yourself a favor and get your hands on a copy of Prayer PathWay Journeying in a Life of Prayer by Kathi Lambrides Westlund.

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Thank you, Annie, for taking the time to share your prayer plan. You're way ahead of where I was at your stage.