A Christmas Poem

· Innkeeping,Christmas,Holiday

This stirring poem from Pilgrim's Inn (by Elizabeth Goudge) says it all!

Sing hey for the moon and the starry sky,

The river, the wood, and the sea,

For the fish and birds and animals all,

And the grass so green on the lea.

But most of all for the fair Christmas rose

And the lights on the candled tree.

Sing hey for the chimney and rooftree wide,

Sing hey for the walls and the floor,

For the warmth of fire on the glowing hearth

And the welcoming open door.

But most of all for the peace and good will

And the joy at our deep heart's core.

Sing hey for the men, the hosts of this house,

Sing hey for the first and the last.

Sing hey for the guests who have gathered here,

Both tonight and in ages past.

And sing hey for the love between host and guest

That will hold them forever fast.

Sing hey for the God Who fashioned for us

This bountiful splendor of earth,

Sing hey for courage and wisdom and love

For beauty and healing and mirth.

But most for the Child Who on Christmas Day

Took upon Him our human birth.

~ Elizabeth Goudge (Pilgrim's Inn - p. 342)


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